Chapter 518

The call was made by Stanley Batton. “Have you woken up yet?” Stanley asked with a loving and gentle tone. On the other end of the phone, Stanley was currently holding his phone and talking to her while heading to the elevator, tenderness crept all over his eyes as well as his brows. He was dressed in a snow white dress shirt with a pair of black trousers. The golden ratio of his body was outlined most vividly by the outfit, and his long legs had garnered a lot of attention from the crowd. The first three buttons of his shirt were unfastened, causing the red marks on his neck exceptionally obvious and clearly visible. When the two little girls at the front desk, as well as the workers who passed by him saw his appearance, their face was as horrified as they just saw a ghost. However, Stanley was like the only man on the island. Without paying any heed to the whispering passerby, he waited for Xyla to speak patiently. “Yeah, I just woke up,” answered Xyla. “I just arrived at the

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