Chapter 516

Emily Quest’s heart leaped hearing the good news. “So what you’re saying is that the Stanley Batton you found out yesterday is a different person from the Stanley Batton we saw?” “Yes… Previously, I’d searched all the household registration databases around the world but I couldn’t find Stanley’s name at all. However, after Country Z updated the registry databases yesterday, I discovered that the name ‘Stanley Batton’ had been added inside. Coincidentally, he’s the same age as Xyla Quest’s husband.” “This guy is extremely ugly and he’s married. Unfortunately, there isn’t any information about his other half in the databases and this guy was engaged in Country Y…” The man continued, “There’s also another important piece of information from my investigation. I’ve been following your request to get my friend in Country Y to look into Dr. Batton’s grandson. Recently, my friend managed to get acquainted with a friend of Dr. Batton’s. He told my friend that…” “...Dr Batton’s grandson loo

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