Chapter 472

“I won’t be around for a day three days later. Will it be okay to let Georgie take care of you that day?” Stanley Batton asked. There were some important tasks regarding the foreign branch of his company awaiting him. Therefore, he had to travel there to settle the issue on his own. “No problem.” Xyla nodded without asking for further details. Stanley smiled at her before taking the basin of water into the bathroom. At that instant, Xyla’s phone vibrated. When she saw the name ‘Master’ was displayed beside the call symbol, all the congeniality within her melted away and was replaced by indescribable, mixed feelings. Intense guilt kicked in and spread rapidly across her whole heart. It was like a pair of invisible hands that were constantly tearing her soul apart, without mercy. Taking a deep breath, she tried to regulate her emotions and remained as calm as possible before she picked up the call. “Hey Xyla, how are you?” The familiar voice of the old man flowed through he

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