Chapter 471

As Catherine Batton spoke, she rotated her right ankle, drawing small circles in the air with her foot. It was not too difficult for her to move around anymore. “That’s great.” Josh Batton handed her the two large bags in his hands. “Speaking of which, I bought you some breakfast and snacks.” “I love you, Sixth brother!” Catherine happily hugged the things he brought in her arms, with a satisfied expression etched on her face. Josh grinned at her reaction as he slid his hand into the pocket of his hoodie. He took out a signed photo of Morty Wayne and Jay Corben and passed it to Catherine. “There you go. You wanted this, right?” Joy sparkled inside Catherine and her mood was elevated once more the moment she saw the photo. Delighted with her brother’s surprise, she stared at the photo for a second or two before lifting her head to glance at Josh. “Thank you so much, Sixth brother. There isn’t a single day that I stopped loving you.” Josh simply patted her head again. “It’s not a

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