Chapter 473

With a face like that, it would be difficult for her to live a decent life, not to mention revenge. Ron Batton was Xyla Quest’s life savior. However, she broke the promise between them. Her heart sank whenever she reminded herself of her irresponsibility and incapability. She found herself standing as rigid as a pole at the gate, her legs frozen to the ground. It took some time for her to recover from her dejection before she dragged her suitcase and strode into the courtyard. The first thing that she saw as soon as she stepped into the villa was a traditional Chinese style courtyard decorated with different species of flowers and shrubs. It looked the same as it was before she left. Spring was definitely the most beautiful time of the year. The cherry blossoms in the courtyard were fully bloomed and the petals were dancing in the air as the cooling wind blew across the house, carrying a tinge of floral fragrance with it. Stepping across the ground covered with fallen leaves

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