Chapter 411

Wee-woo… Wee-woo… Right then, the sound of an ambulance arriving could be heard. Xyla Quest immediately looked over in that direction. She could clearly see Emily Quest being carried into the ambulance by a bodyguard while Jeremy Quest and May Conner got in right after. Everyone seemed very panicked. Xyla frowned confusedly before giving Jeremy a call. “Father, what’s going on?” “Let’s not talk about it. Tom Sullivan, that b*stard, came to your little sister asking for a divorce. Your sister got so upset that she got her head injured, and she’s now passed out,” Jeremy uttered. Xyla was not at all surprised by Tom’s terrible behavior. “Alright, let’s stop talking about it. I’m hanging up…” Jeremy said before he hung up. Xyla didn’t feel sorry at all for what happened to Emily because she brought all of this upon herself. Was this how glad Emily felt when she made Tom cheat on Xyla in the past? Back then, Emily must have thought she was a winner in life. However, Emily forgot

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