Chapter 410

“Tom Sullivan, you really are cruel!” Emily Quest yelled through gritted teeth. “Yeah, I am very cruel. Why don’t you get a divorce? Why don’t you get rid of me? Just take the money I’m offering and get lost. What are you thinking? You really are a lowly b*tch!” Tom Sullivan raised his voice and stared at her face like he was staring at his enemy. Tom absolutely hated this woman. He was determined to get a divorce. His words hit Emily like a truck. She was now bawling her eyes out. Emily felt as if Tom had just torn her heart apart. “Tom Sullivan, this is too much,” Emily said while she clutched the divorce agreement tightly. The white sheets were now all crumpled. “If you don’t want me to do this, sign the papers,” Tom said. He had been trying to negotiate with her for so long in the nicest way possible, but she repeatedly rejected him. How else could he achieve his objective if he didn’t use drastic measures? “I have depression… Severe depression. Are you trying to get me kill

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