Chapter 409

“Honey, Emily likes race cars the most. If you’re buying one for Xyla, could you also buy one for Emily? Perhaps she might feel better if she saw the car. What do you think?” May Conner asked. “Okay…” Jeremy Quest nodded decisively. May then smiled satisfactorily before resting her head against Jeremy’s shoulder and hugging him tightly around the waist. *** As soon as Emily Quest arrived by the entrance, she could see Tom Sullivan’s Bentley parked right in front. The two cherry blossom trees in front of the entrance were in full bloom. There were light pink petals all over them. When a gust of wind blew past the trees, the petals took off to the air like snowflakes. Eventually, the petals landed on the ground, and some also landed on the roof of Tom’s car. Emily tried her best to appear depressed while she quickly got into the car from the passenger side before closing the door. Tom glared at her coldly before forcefully tossing the divorce papers onto her hand. “Hurry up and s

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