Chapter 412

Very soon, a tall, thin man wearing a long, black trench coat, a white shirt, and black pants walked in. With a short haircut, he had handsome facial features and fair, soft skin. He seemed very noble and well-mannered. Rather than saying he was handsome, one might say he was beautiful instead. He looked like a gorgeous woman capable of making any man fall for him. Xyla Quest had heard in the past that the vice president’s only son was quite good-looking, and she was convinced now that she had seen him. After allowing his gaze to linger on Xyla’s face for a second, the man smiled and walked over to her and Rebecca. He kept his hands in his trench coat’s pockets while he looked at Rebecca. “Mother, who is this beautiful young lady?” When he smiled, a special pair of delicate dimples appeared on his face. After asking the question, he turned to look at Xyla with a smile on his face. “Xyla Quest… the eldest daughter of the Quest Group’s family. She’s a year older than you. You shou

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