Chapter 401

There were many people around Josh Batton and Stanley Batton, but all the ladies in the room had their eyes on them. Meanwhile, their gazes were focused on the girl downstairs. When Catherine Batton finally got tired of dancing, she ran upstairs and stood in between the two of them. “You guys are boring. We said we would come here to dance, but none of you went down to dance. You’re only watching me dance,” she said with a smile and narrowed eyes. Josh gently brushed her nose. There was a look of fondness under his shades. “Are you tired?” After that, Josh removed a white handkerchief from his pocket before carefully wiping sweat off her face. Catherine grabbed the handkerchief and quickly wiped her sweat off. “I’m fine… Josh, can I ask you for a favor?” “Do you even need to ask? Just tell me,” Josh answered without hesitation. After that, he smiled gently. “Hehe… Could you get me autographs from Jay Corben and Morty Wayne?” Catherine asked while she blinked her large, glimmeri

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