Chapter 402

Xyla Quest quickly came back to her senses. “Nothing much. I’m just thinking that your girlfriend is rather lucky.” Stanley Batton looked deeply at Xyla. “Yeah… She sure is.” Hearing this, Xyla’s heart pounded a little. She had a stunned expression on her face too. However, she quickly recovered. “I’ll wait for the food in the dining room,” she said. “Are you sure there’s nothing on your mind?” Stanley asked with a serious look. “Yeah… I look terrible because I stayed up late for work,” Xyla said before directly turning around and walking into the dining room. Stanley frowned confusedly. He did not press on for more answers. Instead, he carefully used his chopsticks to flip the bacon strips over on the flat pan. *** May Conner’s birthday party was unusually grand. Luxury cars were parked everywhere outside and inside the Quest family’s courtyard. Inside the house, the living room was decorated like a banquet hall. There were bright and colorful balloons, pure white roses, to

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