Chapter 400

“That should be it. Nowadays, there are a lot of girls who prefer gay couples. If we do that, we could attract this bunch of girls to become their fans. By that time, their popularity would be unstoppable... ” Georgie Clementine said. “Hmm… We will discuss more about the disengagement afterwards. As for now, you should go and talk to Morty and Jay about this matter.” After that, Xyla ended the call. She put on her sky-blue jacket and walked out. Firstly, Xyla went to the supermarket and bought some vegetables. She then got back home and made five dishes together with a soup. After she served all the dishes, she subconsciously picked up her phone and was about to text him. Right after she sent out the sentence ‘When will you be back for dinner?’, she deleted it immediately. Not knowing since when, they had formed this tacit understanding between them where no matter who reached home first and made dinner, he or she would send a message through WeChat and ask when the other one w

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