Chapter 399

“On the other hand, Jay Corben and Morty Wayne were totally different, alright? Didn’t you notice? Jay Corben treated everyone else coldly, he didn’t even care much about the others but he would play pranks on Morty and make him laugh frequently… That’s what you call a couple, alright? The ‘Morty and Jay’ couple is real.” Catherine Batton got more excited as she spoke and her face was getting even more delighted. “Yours is fake and mine is real.” The girl insisted. Catherine persisted as well. “Yours is fake and only mine is real. The couple that I supported must be true.” Due to Catherine’s aura, the girl did not continue to refute. She turned around quietly and continued to Photoshop the photo. Catherine did not care about her anymore as well, she turned around straightaway and went to get water for herself. She mumbled while she was walking, “Hmph, the couple that I like is the real one, ‘Morty and Jay’ are real, they’re real!” *** Throughout the whole afternoon, Xyla Quest co

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