Chapter 3

After the engagement ceremony ended in Silver International Hotel’s high-class dining hall, Emily Quest and Tom Sullivan joyfully followed behind their parents as they approached each table to raise their glasses. However, wherever they went, people rolled their eyes at them after they had walked away. Unfortunately, the Quest family and the Sullivan family were clueless about what had happened, and they kept a smile on their faces. Meanwhile, Emily Quest, who had a lot of make-up on her face, was smiling from ear to ear. She seemed proud of herself, no doubt accentuated by the long, red gown with an alluring tube top. The Sullivan family owned a food company that ranked top five in the world. Compared to the Quest family and the other famous women and their families, the Sullivan family was financially much better positioned. As the fiancée of the Sullivan family, Emily would undoubtedly make everyone in the circle of famous women jealous. Meanwhile, the fact that Tom Sullivan had managed to get rid of Xyla Quest, the fat woman, and gotten engaged with the truly rich and beautiful Emily Quest made her feel even more joyful. The rich housewives, who had already found out about the news on the internet, were gossiping about Emily Quest and Tom Sullivan behind their backs. “I’ve said it before that Emily Quest looks like a b*tch. See what I mean? It’s been proven.” “Tom Sullivan looks like a gentleman. How could he be such a jerk? You really can’t judge a book by its cover.” “My heart goes out to Xyla Quest. Although she does look a little hideous, she is a kind person. Unfortunately, she developed feelings for the wrong person.” As soon as Xyla Quest walked in the door, she locked her gaze on Tom Sullivan and the Quest family. When she saw how pleased Emily Quest looked, she was certain that the couple was still unaware of what had happened. Xyla felt secretly happy that the couple had no idea they were being stabbed at behind their backs. Dressed in a champagne-colored evening gown, Xyla Quest stood out from the crowd. With her long black hair curled around her shoulders, she portrayed the qualities of elegance, style, and nobility. Even with a simple layer of foundation on her face, she was already indescribably beautiful. It felt as if a woman like her should always stay in a clean place. Any sort of touch by another person would be considered contamination of her purity. Very soon, several men approached Xyla and introduced themselves as they complimented her for her beauty and asked her where she was from. After five years since she last experienced this, Xyla had mixed feelings about it. Calmly, she smiled at them and lifted her gown slightly before walking elegantly over to Tom Sullivan and Emily Quest. However, as soon as Tom Sullivan set his eyes upon her, he stopped breathing and seemed terribly shocked. Who was this? Xyla… Xyla Quest? Was she not the unimaginably fat woman? How had she become this good-looking now? Tom Sullivan could not take his eyes off her. Clearly, she had only put on an evening gown and barely had any make-up on her. In fact, she did not even wear any other accessories. Effortlessly, she outshone Emily, who had plenty of make-up on her. Xyla was now the center of attention of all males in the room. Although Emily was pretty, she did not have intricate facial features, and there was something about her that made her quite plain. However, Xyla was different. She was pretty from head to toe. Like a work of art given extra attention by god’s hand, Xyla was pretty but not fragile, almost like a fairy who was paying a visit to the human realm. Tom Sullivan suddenly felt a sense of regret wash over him. If he had known she could recover her former beauty, he would not have dumped her. Parents of both the Quest family and the Sullivan family seemed equally shocked. Jeremy Quest stared at his beautiful and favorite daughter in disbelief. “Xyla, is it really you? Where have you been for the past three years? Why didn’t you keep in touch with your family? And how did you transform into this state?” Although Jeremy Quest heard that Xyla might have eloped with someone else, he did not believe that was true because he understood his daughter very well… When Xyla saw how emotional her father seemed, she felt very guilty. Back then, to focus on her recovery, Xyla did not even contact her father. “Dad, it’s a long story. Let’s talk about it when we get home,” Xyla answered. Jeremy nodded repeatedly. “Okay… Okay… Okay.” “Xyla, you’ve returned…” Tom Sullivan’s eyes were still locked on her as his hands trembled slightly by his side. If a woman were described as a flower, Xyla would be a pure and noble white peony while Emily Quest was a wild rose. After not seeing a white peony for some time, a man might be attracted to a wild rose. However, once a white peony came along, a wild rose would hold no meaning. Tom Sullivan’s reaction made Emily bubble in rage. At that moment, Emily was reminded of the period when Xyla’s beauty kept her in the dark. Back in those days, Tom Sullivan and all the wealthy men in Atlantis only had eyes for Xyla. None of them took notice of the second child of the Quest family, Emily Quest. The strong feeling of jealousy nearly caused Emily’s knuckles to make a cracking sound from how tightly she was squeezing them. How could Xyla regain her beauty? How was it possible? Xyla calmly looked at Tom Sullivan. The look in his eyes made her feel disgusted. This man was truly disgusting. By then, many people noticed what was going on here and hence gathered around them. “Yeah. I heard about your engagement last night when I returned to the country. That’s why I have decided to come here to convey my good wishes.” Xyla appeared very calm and unemotional. Her attitude made Tom Sullivan feel extremely disappointed. In the past, she used to be at his feet because he used to be her entire world. However, things were different now, and Tom Sullivan was finding it difficult to accept the dent in his ego. “Oh my god. Xyla Quest has become pretty once more. Emily Quest pales in comparison.” “They have already treated Xyla in such a way, Xyla could still wish them well with a smile on her face. What a big heart that lady has.” “Not only does Emily Quest look less beautiful than Xyla Quest, but she also has a significantly worse attitude than Xyla.” Emily felt her ego was under attack by the whispering voices of people around her. Right then, all she could feel was anger. Wait a minute. What were the people referring to when they talked about how Emily Quest and Tom Sullivan treated Xyla Quest? Whatever happened between the three, nobody else should have found out. “What nonsense are you all talking about?” Emily Quest asked as she glared at the people who looked at her with sarcastic gazes. “Have a look at the most popular topic on the internet yourself,” someone in the crowd said. Emily immediately opened Weibo and searched for the most popular topic on the internet. Instantly, Emily, Tom, and their parents were all shocked. “What the hell is going on? Emily, give me an explanation! Didn’t you and Tom Sullivan get together after Xyla had left? Have you been lying to me all along?” Jeremy Quest looked visibly upset. “Alright, darling, let’s talk about this when we get home. Do you think our family isn’t embarrassed enough?” May Conner tugged at Jeremy Quest’s hand as she uttered softly. On top of everyone’s spiteful stares and the dirty gossip on the internet, Emily felt deeply ashamed. Did that mean the guests here had known about this all along? If that were the case, Emily and Tom must have been making a fool of themselves when they raised their glasses. The more Emily thought about this, the more embarrassed she felt. Meanwhile, Xyla seemed completely disengaged as she stood nearby. Emily highly suspected that Xyla was the one behind all this. Why was it such a coincidence that this happened when Xyla returned? Without hesitating, Emily Quest grabbed Xyla Quest by her wrist and pulled her to the walkway’s end. “Are you the one who did all this? You are truly shameless for doing this as soon as you returned. Was it your plan to make me miserable all along?” Emily asked through gritted teeth. Angered, Emily raised her hand, readz to slap Xyla.

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