Chapter 2

Three years later, a stunning woman opened her eyes slowly as she stretched her arms in a big, soft bed. While Xyla Quest could feel an aching sensation in her body, she heard running water from the bathroom. Through the frosted glass, she could vaguely see a person's figure moving around in the bathroom. After stretching her arms yet again, Xyla murmured, "Hmm… Georgie, what time is it now? Why does my body hurt all over?" Xyla sounded very soft, almost as if she were like a marshmallow. Creak. When the bathroom door was opened, a tall man appeared before her. With only a white towel wrapped around his lower body, his muscular chest, sexy eight-packs, and perfectly firm abs were fully visible. Meanwhile, droplets of water that slowly slid down his neck made him look even more alluring. Such a perfectly sculpted face without a hint of warmth in his cheeks made the man feel very unapproachable. Despite being the apex of beauty in humanity, he was also far unreachable. Xyla suddenly thought of the phrase, "A beautiful person is like god's gift to earth. While the man owns 70% of all beauty, the remaining 30% of beauty is spared for all humankind." "Who are you? Why are you here?" Xyla asked with a frown while she frightfully pulled the duvet tightly over her body. While the man raised his brows, he began approaching her and looked down at her arrogantly. "Shouldn't you ask yourself that question first?" It was impossible to gauge his current emotion from his eyes. There was a strong aura of oppression that came from his body. Hearing this, Xyla immediately ran through the possible scenarios in her head before a sense of shame washed over her as she realized what must have happened. This was all her fault! Drinking really did cause her problems! Was this a form of inter-marital cheating? Although Xyla had been married for two years, she still did not know what her husband looked like. However, their relationship was real, and so was the promise they made in the past. Last night, Xyla Quest and Georgie Clementine had a little too much to drink at the bar. Since they were unable to drive after drinking too much, they decided to get a room upstairs. Xyla recalled that Georgie was the first to head upstairs. Meanwhile, Xyla herself felt the urge to puke and had gone to the restroom downstairs. After that, she remembered entering the room and drinking a glass of water by the bed before turning the lights off and lying down. Later, she felt tremendously uncomfortable all over… Therefore, Xyla must have entered the wrong room! "Alright. It's my fault. I will take full responsibility for you. Make an offer," Xyla said. "An offer? Are you sure you can afford me?" The man raised his brows while his voice remained cold as before. Chuckle. This woman was indeed interesting. What did she think he was? A male prostitute? "Even if you are very expensive, I'm sure 500,000 should be enough. Even a popular celebrity would accept such an offer. What do you say about keeping this a secret if I pay you that much?" If word got out about what happened, it would only do Xyla harm. Resolving this issue with money was the best way to go about it. "A popular celebrity? How can they even compare to me?" The man asked gloomily. Beep. Beep. Beep. The sound of a phone ringing cut their conversation short as the man walked into the bathroom with his phone. After that, a cold voice could be heard. "If that's the case, get it done and over with." After the bathroom door was closed, Xyla could not hear anything further. Her body began to tremble as goosebumps appeared all over her body. What did he mean by 'get it over and done with'? Could he be a gangster? Was he the kind of person who killed others without batting an eyelid? From his appearance, he was probably the man who called the shots. However, Xyla felt such a shame that a handsome man like him worked in this field. Knowing that she could not afford to think about this too much, Xyla quickly got out of bed and put her clothes on before leaving a cheque worth 500,000 dollars on the ground. Casually, she glanced at the dressing mirror decorated with gold and diamond jewelry. Her graceful figure came into view. From her reflection, she seemed like a different person from who she was three years ago. Now, she had a head full of long, black, and curly hair that dangled over her waist. With luscious red lips and a fair complexion, she almost looked like a fairy. The look in her eyes seemed to contain the glimmer of a million stars, perfectly capturing the essence of society's definition of beauty. After coming back to her senses, she quickly put on her high heels and walked away. Once she closed the door behind her, the room number became visible. "8808…" The night before, Georgie had clearly told her their room number was 8809, which meant that Xyla truly had gone into the wrong room! However, that man was a little too weird for Xyla's liking. Why did he leave such a glass of water by his bed? *** The wind was howling madly outside as a thick layer of snow covered the floor. Xyla Quest rubbed her hands together for warmth before quickly getting into her red Maserati. Right then, a message appeared on her phone. "The engagement dinner between Sullivan Food Group's heir, Tom Sullivan, and the second female heir of the Quest Property Group, Emily Quest, is now being held at the Silver International Hotel." "Famous people in politics and business and celebrities in the entertainment industry, have all gathered here for this joyous occasion." "According to our sources, Tom Sullivan's fiancée was supposed to be the Quest Family's first heir, Xyla Quest. However, we were told that Xyla Quest had eloped with another man. Therefore, Tom Sullivan painfully decided to stop pursuing after her and become engaged with Emily Quest instead." When the beastly words came into sight, Xyla Quest felt the same rage she had three years ago as she could not help but recall the hatred in her heart. Now, not only was the horrible couple blatantly defaming her, they had even gotten engaged just as they wished. They must have been very happy then. Tom Sullivan was clearly an a**hole for making himself sound so generous when, in reality, he was a shameful person. Xyla could not understand how she had fallen for a jerk like him in the past. Right then, Xyla received a call from Georgie Clementine. "President Xyla, where have you gone this early in the morning? Why didn't I see you when I woke up?" Clearly, Georgie did not know that Xyla had not even returned to their shared room. "It's a long story. I'll tell you about it later." "The most popular topic on the internet has been arranged. You can check it out." Georgie reported. "Very well…" After hanging up, Xyla searched for the most popular topic on Weibo. The hashtag '#TomSullivanCheats#' appeared to be first on the list with the highest number of searches. Once she clicked into the headlines, a piece of even more shocking news appeared as posted by various marketing accounts. "Tom Sullivan's ex-fiancée became fat and unsightly due to a post-surgery side effect, which involved her donating her kidney to save Tom Sullivan's mother. As such, Tom Sullivan became disinterested in Xyla and cheated on her with her little sister, Emily Quest. Unable to accept what happened, Xyla Quest disappeared for a total of three years." In fact, there was a marketing account that exposed a phone recording between Tom Sullivan and Emily Quest. In the conversation, the two clearly explained what they did to Xyla. Enraged, the users of the internet began criticizing the two for being an a**hole and a b*tch. "If internet bullying were an avalanche, I would like to be the biggest snowflake! Clearly, Tom is an a**hole! Why did you pretend to be emotional?" "When will Tom Sullivan and Emily Quest die? Can Satan please offer them each an entrance ticket to hell?" "I hope the next to die from internet bullying are the two of you! My heart goes out to Xyla Quest." Apart from insulting the two, some internet users even posted photoshopped pictures of them being deceased individuals on Weibo with the caption of "Tom Sullivan and Emily Quest passed away in the winter of 2019." The accounts of Tom Sullivan and Emily Quest on Weibo had already been compromised. At one glance, all the posts on their pages were of hate and cursing. Reading such comments made Xyla Quest instantly feel a lot better. As such, she was able to shake off the feelings that overtook her from memories of the past. "Tom Sullivan, Emily Quest, this is only the beginning…" Xyla Quest's face instantly turned cold. She looked like a completely different person from a moment before. Right then, Georgie Clementine called her on the phone yet again. "President Xyla, Emily Quest has been sleeping with male prostitutes at least once a day behind Tom Sullivan's back. Should we publish that today? "If we do it, their marriage would definitely not happen. Your little sister would also be severely defamed and can no longer live peacefully," Georgie Clementine said. "Why should we ruin their marriage? Isn't it great for a b*tch and a dog to live happily ever after together? "What if he dumps her after finding out about it? He could find another nice lady and get married to have a happy life after that. Isn't it better if we allow him to live as a person who is being cheated on every single day?" Xyla replied. Although Xyla sounded very soft and gentle, there was a knowing look in her eyes, which made her seem unshakeable. "Of course, it's better if he doesn't find out. Cheaters will always end up being cheated on!" Georgie responded. "Let's save that piece of information for later…" Xyla added with a cunning look in her eyes.