Chapter 4

When Emily Quest’s hand moved downward, Xyla Quest quickly grabbed Emily’s hand and stared right into her eyes. “I don’t know what you are talking about.” When Emily caught sight of Xyla’s eyes, she shivered. Emily felt that Xyla had changed. Although Xyla’s physical appearance was the same as before, she felt somewhat more heartless. “Xyla Quest, stop denying it. You are only pretending to be calm today. In actual fact, you are extremely hurt that I got engaged to the man you love the most. “You’re just jealous that Brother Sullivan and I are in love with each other. That’s why you’re doing all this to destroy my life.” Xyla could not help but laugh coldly. What a joke. Was she jealous? Did an a**hole like Tom Sullivan even deserve her? “What are you laughing at? Do my words ring true? Is that why you are speechless?” Emily asked. “Emily Quest, you are the only one who could be happy about being married to a trashy person. You think everyone in the world would be jealous of you.” Xyla felt that Emily was an absolute joke. Right then, Tom Sullivan happened to have walked out of the door and overheard Xyla’s words. He immediately felt hurt. ‘Trashy person?’ Did Xyla not use to worship him like an idol? She would talk about getting married to him all day and wanting to give him many children. “Keep pretending. I wonder who has always dreamt about being married to Brother Sullivan,” Emily countered. “Like you said, it was in the past,” Xyla said. “You… I don’t care what you say. I am certain you are the one who did this! If it’s not out of jealousy, it’s out of hate!” “Show me the proof then,” Xyla said calmly. “I don’t need proof. I’ll kill you right now, you evil woman.” Emily reached out toward Xyla ’s neck. In an agile movement, Xyla managed to dodge the attack. As a result, Emily slipped and fell to the ground. “That’s enough!” Tom called out before hurrying over to Emily to help her up. However, his eyes never left Xyla’s body. The look in his eyes made Emily feel even more jealous. “Brother Sullivan, Xyla Quest is bullying me.” “Xyla Quest, we once loved each other after all. Must you force me into a dead end? Can’t we talk about this?” Tom seemed unhappy. “Tom Sullivan, did you hear about it or see it with your own eyes? If you don’t have proof, keep your mouth shut. Even if I was the one who did it, what right do you have to question me about it?” Xyla felt disgusted that she used to love a man like this. As soon as Xyla finished her sentence, she lifted her gown a little and walked away. Feeling insulted, Tom could not find the words to express himself. Whatever Xyla said was irrefutable. “Why are you still standing there? Get someone to catch her and beat her up. It must be her who did it!” Emily exclaimed. “That’s enough! Do you have proof? Can you grow some brains?” Tom was already mad and could find no other way to vent his emotions. As such, Emily naturally became his punching bag. Although Emily had wanted to insult him in return, she stomped her feet and remained quiet. As soon as Xyla entered the elevator, she received a call from Georgie Clementine. “President Xyla, haven’t you always wanted to sign Josh Batton onto our label? I just received news that he won’t be renewing his contract with his existing company. Hence, I have invited him for a meeting at eight o’clock tonight in the Southern Misty Lake Room of Dreamland Hotel.” “Got it.” After hanging up, Xyla received a call from Jeremy Quest. “Xyla, come home after an hour. We need to talk.” His voice sounded a little cold. *** When Xyla Quest entered the house, there was a gloomy ambiance inside. Jeremy Quest sat on the couch with a sullen expression on his face while Emily Quest continued to cry with her knees on the ground. May Conner sat next to Jeremy Quest. “Darling, I believe Emily was just blinded by love. We can talk about this in the future,” she said carefully. “Right now, Xyla Quest should be the person you are most mad at. “After all, even if Emily was in the wrong, Xyla Quest shouldn’t have done something like that to put our family to shame. Isn’t that right?” May Conner asked. In her usual manner, Xyla glanced at May Conner before approaching her. “Aunty, you really do know what to say. Can you really justify seducing one’s elder sister’s fiancé as being blinded by love?” May was speechless. “Xyla, is what Emily said true? Did you plan all of this? “Even if your little sister did something deserving of insult, you should not expose the family like that. “Didn’t you think that it would put the Quest family to shame?” Jeremy Quest seemed extremely upset. Due to what happened between Emily, Xyla, and Tom, the Quest family and the Sullivan family had become the biggest joke in the country. How could Jeremy not be mad? “It wasn’t me,” Xyla explained. “How would you know if it wasn’t a rival of the Sullivan family who did it? The Sullivan family members all have terrible personalities. Am I the only one who would make enemies?” From the look in Xyla’s eyes, Jeremy felt that she was telling the truth. “It is you! The timing is too coincidental! Dad, don’t listen to Xyla’s bullsh*t,” Emily mumbled. “Darling, the Sullivan family is already investigating the matter. I believe they will get to the bottom of this very soon. The b*tch who did this will be taken care of by the Sullivan family.” May glared at Xyla. Although Xyla knew that May was directing those words at her, she could not be less bothered. ‘Investigate? How could they possibly find anything?’ After all, the news had been leaked by an internal staff member of Weibo. What would their investigations lead to? The original account which spread the story had a fake IP address anyway. “Emily Quest, I’ve already overlooked the fact that you seduced my fiancé and intentionally contacted me through a video call to broadcast your acts of intimacy. Can’t you just be quiet for a moment?” Xyla added. “What?” Jeremy was enraged. He was shocked by what he heard. It explained why Xyla had disappeared for three years. Who could possibly tolerate such behavior when they observed it happen before their eyes? “Yes. Even so, Big Sister shouldn’t…” “Shut up. If you say another word, I will punish you in my own way.” Jeremy raised his voice. “Do you really think you can justify seducing your big sister’s man?” “She didn’t stop at seducing my man. After the video call ended, I went looking for them. She even stepped on my stomach and my face along with Tom. They physically abused me.” Xyla snorted coldly. Jeremy felt even more shocked. His heart went out to Xyla. How much pain did Xyla go through back then? Jeremy never thought that Emily and Tom could be this evil. “Of course, that’s not all…” After that, Xyla Quest took a few paper sheets from her black Hermes purse and handed them over to Jeremy.

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