Chapter 38

After breakfast, Xyla headed over to her company directly. As soon as Xyla sat down in her office, someone knocked on the door. Georgie Clementine walked in with a large pile of documents before placing them down in front of Xyla. “These all require your signature. Oh yeah, I have already arranged everything with Josh Batton. He will sing two songs before the launch of Imperial Prime next Tuesday.” “OK.” Xyla smiled as she gestured an ‘OK’ sign with her hand. “If someone as famous as him is there, the venue will definitely be packed. Consequently, I’m sure the sales will go smoothly. As long as you perform well in managing this new development project, you will have a bright future.” Georgie was very confident about Xyla. Xyla chuckled softly. “I hope what you say comes true.” “Oh, yeah. Have you checked Weibo’s most popular topic on the internet today?” Georgie asked curiously. “Why?” Xyla seemed confused. “The story about your sister is still the most popular topic on the internet.”

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