Chapter 39

Xyla Quest stopped thinking about it as she focused her attention on work once more after putting her phone down. Meanwhile, in the Dragon Group CEO’s office, Stanley Batton leaned lazily against his revolving chair as he looked at Xyla’s social media page. With a look of focus on his face, he would occasionally smile without realizing it. He was wearing only a white shirt and a necktie tucked neatly under his collar after taking his coat off. He seemed incomparably noble. Xyla’s social media page was rather interesting. Usually, she would share little things about her day, where she went, what she ate, and what mood she was in. In fact, she would even include a picture for each post. The words she used in the texts were usually heartwarming and uplifting. However, her posts only dated back to a month ago. After going through the posts from the current month, he came to an end. Therefore, he exited from her social media page. Afterward, he glanced briefly at Xyla’s messages, which prom

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