Chapter 37

This was the first time in twenty-eight years someone thought of Stanley as a poor person. “I have some savings. I borrowed the rest from my boss,” Stanley answered calmly. “How much did you borrow?” Xyla asked. “Approximately three million dollars. I’ll pay him back over time,” he added. Xyla did not hesitate to shove the car keys into his pocket before gently patting the car’s hood. “Listen to me and return this immediately. It’s not worth getting into debt over a car. “Besides, haven’t I told you not to pay me for the car? You were the one who saved my life. How could I ask you to pay for my car?” Xyla seemed determined. “If you don’t want it, throw it away,” Stanley said calmly before returning the car keys to her and walking away. Xyla was truly dumbfounded. She had no idea why this person was in such a hurry to return her money. If he had a lot of spare cash, she might have been able to understand. However, the fact was that he was not exactly wealthy. Xyla immediately ran after

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