Chapter 282

Xyla looked down at the time. He was only late for one minute. “It’s just one minute… It’s okay,” said Xyla. Even if they already knew he treated Xyla differently, Sebastian, Henry, and Gary couldn’t help but exchange glances. “Old Fifth, do you only have Xyla in your eyes?” Sebastian complained, mildly raising an eyebrow. “Why are you guys here?” Stanley asked. “It’s dinner time. We’re here for food,” Henry answered. “Rachel, greet Fifth Brother.” As they talked, Sebastian jutted his chin at Stanley. His actions seemed casual and laid-back. “Hello, Fifth Brother,” Rachel greeted. “Hmm.” Stanley glanced at her faintly, using no more words than necessary. “Let’s go. Let’s have dinner together.” Sebastian went ahead inside with Rachel in his arms. “You guys eat on your own,” Stanley said. “Beautiful Miss Quest has promised to dine with us, okay? You’re not planning to not listen to her, are you?” Sebastian turned around with a bright smile, looking at Xyla after s

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