Chapter 283

Xyla was interested in this topic as well. She shifted her gaze to Henry. “Do you even have a heart? I’m here, agonizing, but you’re still laughing.” Henry frowned, looking upset. “Seems like there’s drama,” Sebastian deduced. “Thanks to your jinx, that person really was a shemale. The girl who did the video call with me was hired by him. Whenever he chatted with me through voice message, he used a voice changer, f*ck…” Henry explained. Xyla couldn’t help smiling at that, but she remained silent as she continued listening earnestly. “Hahaha… Was it really a shemale? I’m dying of laughter. Say, are you a shemales magnet? You keep meeting shemales in your online dating experiences hahaha…” Sebastian was holding his sides in laughter. “The main point was, he got scammed again. That girl weaved a tragic story, saying that her father has Uremia and a kidney transplant that required five hundred thousand. She didn’t have the money, so she had to work a lot of jobs every day. He b

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