Chapter 281

Even if these women made him want to hurl, he no longer cared. *** When Xyla was done with work at Quest Group, it was already six in the evening. As night fell, the dazzling city lights intertwined with the sparkling stars in the sky. The whole world was covered in a sea of brilliance. Putting down the last document in her hand, she raised her head to see the beautiful view. Her neck ached a lot. She gently massaged it with a massage tool before touching up her natural makeup and got up to tidy her outfit in front of the full-length mirror. Her reflection was wearing a white chiffon shirt with a large bow tied around her neck. She wore a houndstooth high-waisted skirt that rested two centimeters above her knee. Her graceful figure was displayed perfectly. The pair of long legs below her skirt was exceptionally fair and slender as if they had highlights of their own. After simply tidying up her largely curled black hair, she grabbed her bag and drove to the western re

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