Chapter 237

“You seem like a pure lady. However, how could you do something so shameless? You embarrass the female population. Even when standing next to you in person, I find you disgusting. Fortunately, syphilis and AIDS aren’t transmissible diseases. Otherwise, I would have been terrified,” Mary Sullivan said before rolling her eyes at Xyla Quest. Mary then took a step back and quickly shook her head as she made annoying tutting sounds. When Xyla saw Mary’s face, she began to feel irritated again. How shameless could Mary be to taunt her victim after being the cause of that person’s suffering? Mary was acting as if she had not done anything wrong. “Once I find out who came up with those rumors to intentionally affect my reputation, I will make her pay for it,” Xyla said coldly. “Hahaha, rumors? You really are funny. Who would come up with rumors like that?” Mary immediately laughed out loud. “Clearly, someone who has nothing better to do. I believe people who do nasty things like this won’

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