Chapter 238

As Mary Sullivan spoke, the fingerprints on her face became even more apparent. Her face soon became swollen. However, Xyla Quest could not be bothered to fight with her. Xyla pulled Georgie Clementine’s hand and began walking into the restaurant. Her high heels announced her departure with clear tapping sounds on the ground. Meanwhile, Mary decided to run after them. When Georgie saw Mary’s reflection in the glass wall, she immediately turned around and glared at Mary with her fist raised. Mary came to a halt instantly and did not run after them. Instead, she stomped her feet on the ground angrily. “Xyla Quest, you are done for! I am extremely happy about it,” Mary shouted. However, Xyla ignored her completely. “Beep, beep, beep—” Right then, Mary’s phone rang. When Mary saw that it was a familiar series of numbers, she quickly got into her car and picked up the call suspiciously. “Hello,” she said. “I’ve done everything you asked me to,” a man’s cold voice could be heard from the oth

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