Chapter 236

“Naturally, we’ll wait. I don’t think it was necessarily Mary Sullivan who made them say those things. Perhaps, not all of them were bribed by Mary. Some of them might have not liked me from the start. This was merely a good opportunity for them to jump on the bandwagon,” Xyla Quest said before smiling bitterly. “That makes sense. To be honest, some people can hate others for no reason in a lot of cases. Since you are living a seemingly good life, and their lives suck, they have turned you into a target for their negativity. Humans really are the worst. Although some people say demons are terrifying, I think a human’s heart is the most terrifying thing,” Georgie said. “Yeah. A human’s heart is indeed complicated, Georgie. Anyway, have you had breakfast?” Xyla turned to look at Georgie. “No, I haven’t. Why don’t you have breakfast with me? It’ll make you feel better,” Georgie said as she shook her head. Xyla nodded before driving away. Due to the commotion earlier, Xyla was not in a par

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