Chapter 227

Xyla hastily used the cutlery to take up a strand of noodles and put it in her mouth. The sweet and spicy taste spread across her taste buds. It was both stimulating and delicious. She gave him a thumbs-up as she ate. “The noodles are cooked just right. It’s the texture I like.” “That’s good then,” he said faintly, sitting down beside her to browse through Weibo’s search ranking. “Are you really not going to eat?” Xyla asked. “Yeah,” he simply answered. He frowned a little the moment he saw the number one search on the list. At that moment, the top of the list was dominated by #Josh Batton helping Xyla Quest deny rumors#. He glanced faintly at her before tapping into the search result before finally realizing what had happened. After a good look at Josh’s clarification statement and screenshots of his reply to fans, Stanley turned to Xyla who was focused on eating her noodles. “Why didn’t you tell me you were being slandered?” Xyla smiled. “Because I can take care of it

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