Chapter 226

The others nodded. “Mary, what if things get worse, and they found out it was you?” “Yeah, yeah, I’m so worried.” At this, Mary instantly scoffed in contempt. “Don’t worry, they won’t find me. My Weibo account wasn’t verified, and I’ve got someone to delete the surveillance footage at the scene. “Moreover, so what if they found out? Do you think Xyla Quest can do anything to me? Something so minor like this will be a cinch for my parents to take care of. Are you guys underestimating the Sullivan family?” Mary said with confidence. She firmly believed that she would be fine no matter what happened. With her parents’ support, something like this was not worth worrying about. “Stop spouting all that nonsense and let’s get high! I have to visit Emily at the detention center tomorrow and tell her this good news, hahaha!” Mary laughed openly. “Emily Quest has tricked your brother into a marriage by faking a pregnancy, and your brother is planning to divorce her. Do you still pl

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