Chapter 225

“Just let me know if you need anything done. Good night.” After saying that, Josh did not hang up immediately but simply kept quiet. Xyla simply ended the call before returning to the sofa. She removed her white fur coat and casually placed it aside before laying down, gently pinching her nose bridge. Since Mary Sullivan had done such an evil thing, Xyla would definitely not let her off so easily. *** On the other hand, at Unconscious Bar. Completely oblivious to what was happening on Weibo, Mary and her three other friends who went to the show today were dancing at the dance floor of their private room while drinking classy imported beer. The vast space was dark with rays of neon lights dancing around them. Upbeat music rattled their eardrums. She wore a cheeky grin and because she was in high spirits, her movements were strikingly enchanting. “So Mary, were you the one behind all of it? Aren’t you quite cool?” “Yeah, yeah… someone’s being trashed because of it h

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