Chapter 228

The other people quickly got close to Mary Sullivan and huddled over her as they looked expectantly at her phone. Mary directly opened Weibo and began counting down confidently. “Three… Two… One…” She counted. Everyone else held their breath in anticipation. Very soon, Mary arrived on the page. The first topic on the list was ‘#Josh Batton denies rumor about Xyla Quest#’. Closely after that, she pressed on the topic eagerly to witness Xyla being attacked verbally. However… When Mary saw the comments in the post, she was dumbfounded. Not only were the verbal attacks missing, but many fans of Josh Batton were also apologizing to Xyla one after another. At that moment, Mary felt as if she had been slapped a few consecutive times. It felt thoroughly embarrassing. Meanwhile, the three people next to Mary, who were also waiting for an exciting show, sighed disappointedly. “What’s going on, Mary? You seemed confident and sounded as if it would really happen. It turns out that isn’t the case a

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