Chapter 209

“You’re really smart.” Without needing her to say more, he already understood her thoughts. Her intelligence was far greater than her looks. Knowing that he understood, she smiled. “You’re smart too. Many things can be easily exposed. Being able to become the right-hand man of a mafia boss at such a young age is not easy as well.” This man was superior in both looks and intelligence. He was destined to shine in every aspect of his life. She figured, if he would tread on the right path and become a lawful businessman, he would definitely conquer the markets with much ease. The young people nowadays who were advertised as elite entrepreneurs would not even be able to compare to him. “What are you thinking about?” he asked. “Just wondering that if you were to do business, what would things look like?” Xyla said. “You’re starting to imagine again what I would be like if I were a businessman, aren’t you?” He took a long draw of smoke before slowly breathing it out. The way

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