Chapter 210

After Emily was taken away, May’s emotions exploded. The guests at the door started discussing among themselves. None of them had anything good to say and were all criticizing Emily. May clenched her fists tight without saying anything, glaring viciously at Xyla’s car. Xyla completely ignored May as she turned the car around and drove away. “The Sullivan family must be throwing a fit by now,” Stanley said faintly before leisurely lighting up another cigarette, taking a long draw and then puffing it out. He leaned back lazily into the backrest. “They should.” Xyla chuckled. As she spoke, the car reached the gates. She stepped on the accelerator all the way. The car propelled forward like an arrow. *** At the Sullivan manor. The atmosphere inside the house was reaching a freezing point. Inside the living room, Tom, Julian, Tony, Mary, and Bailey sat still and upright. Their expressions were extremely ugly. “What did you say? Was that lass feigning pregnancy to c

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