Chapter 208

“I found nothing yet,” answered a female voice from the other end. “Continue investigating! I’ve said that I will reward you with 1.5 million dollars, now I’m offering you two million!” After that, she hung up. Then, she called Tom’s number again, but this time, the operator informed her that the number was invalid. She knew that Tom had blocked her number. She wanted to immediately return to the Sullivan manor, but knowing that the Sullivan family was currently livid, going back now would do her no good. Moreover, without knowing how things would develop and if she needed to return to prison, the best option was to run away. She would leave the rest to her mother and try to solve her own problems for now. At this thought, she began speedily packing her luggage, without any attention to pay to her dress that was now covered in blood. Even when packing her luggage, the image of how she got played by Xyla today kept resurfacing in her mind. With these thoughts, she couldn

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