Chapter 2067

Outside, it was a vibrant spring day, bright and cloudless. With the decent weather, Xyla Quest was also in a pleasant mood. After stretching, she quickly walked into the bathroom to brush her teeth. Knock, knock, knock. Hearing someone at the door, Xyla immediately opened it to find one of the nannies standing outside. Smiling gently, she asked, “Were the kids being a nuisance last night?” “Not at all. They were great kids, barely even cried.” “That’s great,” Xyla chuckled. “Madam, I am to inform you that food is ready.” “All right, I’ll be down right away,” she replied. The nanny nodded. “Madam, you really have a special place in the family.” Xyla couldn’t resist smiling when she heard this. “Really?” “Yes, everyone in the family revolves around you," the nanny nodded. "You come first in every aspect. I was supposed to come to get you for breakfast this morning, but Ms. Lindt said that you slept late last night and that you needed more rest." “Mr. Batton is also very go

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