Chapter 2066

“It’s nothing. I just wanted to let you know,” Stanley Batton said. Xyla Quest hugged her husband tightly. “Those things won’t happen to me because I believe your parents wouldn’t let them.” “Yeah, I know, but I just wanted to make sure,” he told her. Stanley knew his parents’ temperament very well, but he still wanted to reassure Xyla in the event she felt upset at any given time. More importantly, he didn’t want her to tolerate anyone who gave her a hard time. He wouldn’t allow himself or his parents to upset her. “I know. Honestly, if anything like that happened, I’d tolerate it for your sake,” Xyla replied. “I’m so protective of you that you don’t even have to put up with me. Why should you put up with anyone else?” he asked. Hearing him, she felt secure, a warm sensation flowing through her chest. Even the air tasted sweet. Smiling, she continued to hug Stanley. “You are so unlike other people. I’ve struck gold with you.” “I’m the one who struck gold,” he countered. His

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