Chapter 2068

The Battons were both engrossed with their phones. On the dining table, there were six mouth-watering dishes, including seafood broth, roasted abalones, steamed fish, steamed crabs, garlic lobsters, and a tomato omelet. Every dish looked as exquisite as if a Michelin-star chef cooked it. Xyla Quest could smell all the delectable aroma as she approached the dining table. It appeared that Sharon Lindt and Wilson Batton were waiting for her as they had yet to touch any of the dishes. As soon as Sharon saw Xyla entering the dining room, she placed her phone down and approached her, holding her hand affectionately. “Come, Darling, let’s have lunch together.” By the time Xyla sat down by her side, Wilson had his phone tucked away and began serving portions of food on her plate. “Here, have more abalones. They’re good for your health. Don’t you like lobsters? Have some fish, too. It’s your favorite.” Xyla scratched her head in embarrassment upon seeing how her father-in-law served her

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