Chapter 2039

Xyla Quest frowned deeply. “I don’t know what exactly it was that we did, but Stanley and I both have our own karmic debts from our past lives. “Moreover, we seem to have done a lot of terrible things to the demon fox. That’s why he’s here to make us pay for it,” she explained. “Does that mean you and my son knew each other in your past lives?” Sharon Lindt still wore a shocked expression. However, she tried to keep her voice low so that others wouldn’t hear her. Although the acoustic treatment in the ward was effective, and no one else could hear them with the door closed, Sharon still thought it was better to be safe than sorry. Xyla nodded. “Anyway, we will face a lot of hurdles in this life,” she added. Hearing that, Sharon’s expression turned from shock to horror. She took a deep breath. “What are you two going to do? Are there any ways to avoid the hurdles?” “Does this mean what happened to your father and the children were the nine-tailed fox’s doing? Someone's dead, and

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