Chapter 2040

Strong winds were blowing outside, and snow began to fall heavily. The sudden change in weather filled Sharon Lindt’s eyes with shock. “Could the change in weather outside be related to him?” After all, it was too much of a coincidence. Yaksha had left mysteriously, and this happened immediately after. Stanley Batton, who had encountered this mystical sight back at Yaksha’s place, was calm and collected. Xyla Quest reacted the same way. Although she wasn’t sure exactly what happened, she knew it was related to Yaksha somehow. “Yes,” Stanley said. Xyla didn’t react because she had expected all this. Meanwhile, Sharon had only been introduced to the mystical realm a while ago. Her heart was pounding. Everything that happened today confused her greatly. If somebody had told her that the weather could change because of a single person, she wouldn’t have believed them. She might even secretly think that person was crazy. However, Sharon now knew that everything was possible in

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