Chapter 2038

Sharon Lindt never expected it would be this kind of skill, however. “Penetrating vision? Shouldn't this kind of mystical abilities only exist in television dramas?” she wondered in disbelief. It was too much, too soon. Sharon couldn’t process the influx of information just yet. She needed to calm down and make sense of it all. Xyla Quest chuckled. “Yes, but it exists in real life too. Not only are there the powers of penetrating vision, but there’s also Yin-Yang eyes and so on.” Sharon’s eyes widened. “What? Yin-Yang eyes? What about you? Do you have it?” Xyla shook her head. “I don’t.” “That’s not right," Sharon said in confusion. "The penetrating vision I see in television dramas only allows them to see through objects and their components. Why are you able to see an object’s history?” “That’s because my vision is slightly more advanced than those in television dramas.” After chatting with Sharon and distracting herself, Xyla wasn’t in such a bad mood anymore. At least, sh

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