Chapter 2037

The twins started rapidly growing, taking less than three seconds for them to transform from their weakened states to fair and plump babies. They were still glowing brightly, illuminating the cave as bright as day. At that point, the scene ended, and everything became pitch black before Xyla Quest’s eyes. She wanted to continue watching. Her objective was to find out where the nine-tailed fox had gone, but her eyes hadn’t developed further. She could only see some of an object’s past, but nothing more. When Xyla saw this happening, she no longer felt hopeful. Instead, she was in shock, knowing how powerful her children were. “Xyla, what did you see?” Stanley Batton asked, knowing what she was doing. Xyla then told him and the others what she saw. Stanley and Yaksha weren’t too surprised as they had already discovered some knowledge. Sharon Lindt, however, was learning about the mystical realm for the first time. She was like a peasant who entered the city for the first time

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