Chapter 1998

Stanley Batton slowly shifted his gaze to the nurse’s face. “What’s the matter?” The moment his eyes fell on her, the nurse felt as if she was soon going to suffocate. She immediately took a deep breath. “Here’s the thing, you’ll be able to see your babies in about half an hour.” “Got it, thanks,” he answered rigidly before returning his gaze at Xyla Quest. He worried about his babies, but he was more concerned about his wife. With her still unconscious, all he could think about was her. He couldn’t care about anything else. The nurse didn’t comment further. Instead, she silently closed the door behind her and left. Once the door was closed again, the entire world became quiet. He gently held Xyla’s left hand, which wasn’t connected to the IV drip, and placed tender kisses against it repeatedly. Seeing her pale face made his heart ache. He swore he’d never let Xyla go through this pain again. Regardless of whether their two babies survived this time, he wouldn’t want her go

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