Chapter 1997

Stanley Batton instantly stood up and walked nearer to the emergency unit. Soon, the Director walked out, seemingly exhausted. Seeing Stanley, he removed his face mask and let out a long sigh. Stanley felt as if his heart was about to leap out of his chest then. His hands started to tremble as he looked at the Director with a frown. “How did it go?” As eager as he was to find out, he was also afraid. Mainly, he wanted to know if his wife was still alive, but he also dreaded hearing that something terrible had happened to her. The Director released another long sigh. “The babies have both been delivered, but they aren’t in good condition due to the extremely premature birth. They will need monitoring in a neonatal intensive care unit. As for whether they will survive, that is up to fate. “For now, Xyla seems fine,” he added. Relief rushed through Stanley as soon as he heard this. “Are you sure she’s fine?” he asked. The Director nodded. “The babies are in critical condition

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