Chapter 1996

Stanley Batton nodded silently before turning to address Stephen Harris. “Contact the guy who used to donate his blood to me just in case. He has the same blood type as my wife and myself.” With that, he followed the nurse into the emergency unit before Stephen could respond. After a rigorous disinfection procedure, Stanley changed into scrubs, and then he was led to where Xyla Quest was receiving treatment. There was already an empty bed next to her, so he hopped onto it even before he was instructed. Turning his head sideways, Stanley focused on Xyla, looking pale and still unconscious. There was a slight purple hue on her lips, making him feel even more panic. Nearby, the nurses were already getting ready to draw his blood directly into a tube connected to Xyla to save time. The Director, who oversaw the operation, looked at the nurses. “Make sure not to draw too much blood from Mr. Batton.” “Don’t worry about me. Draw as much blood as necessary to save my wife,” Stanley or

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