Chapter 1999

“Take me to see our children later,” Xyla Quest told him. She needed to check on her babies, as she was worried about their condition after being prematurely born at six and a half months along. She missed them dearly. Stanley Batton frowned. “I’ll check on them on your behalf and take some pictures for you. You’ve just come out of a major operation and still have a healing wound on your stomach. You shouldn’t be out of bed, walking around. The wound might tear open.” Xyla nodded helplessly in agreement before telling him, “In that case, record a video for me.” “Okay. How do you feel now? Does your stomach hurt a lot?” he asked with a look of adoration and tenderness in his eyes. Stanley once watched a video of cesarean delivery, so he knew how much it would hurt for a woman to go through something like that. Xyla shook her head. “It’s fine, I can take it. It’s probably because of the anesthesia, right?” “Yeah,” he uttered before holding her hand and placing it against his face

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