Chapter 1978

Georgie Clementine’s mother must have seen the news or the hot topic on Weibo. “Georgie, I’ve seen what happened on the news. Your boyfriend proposed, and you said yes!” Her mother sounded joyful at the news. She was aware that her daughter was dating and what he did for a living. She always hoped that the two of them would end up getting married. She simply didn't expect it to happen so soon. Admittedly, she had never met Henry Armstrong, but she had faith in her daughter’s judgment. The man Georgie fell in love with certainly had to be good enough for her. Georgie never made her family worry about her. Since she was a child, all her decisions were wise and correct. Most importantly, Henry’s family background was better than they could ever hope for. Georgie couldn’t afford to let this opportunity slip by. Georgie immediately chuckled upon hearing her mother's excited tone. “Yeah, I’ll bring him home next time. But Mom, aren’t you upset that I agreed to marry him without disc

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