Chapter 1977

On Weibo, netizens began a heated discussion— “I was in Goldfield Plaza and personally witnessed the entire proposal. I even have a video as proof. Look, everyone.” “A wealthy man proposed to X Entertainment’s CEO, Georgie Clementine. Moreover, this man is a close friend of Josh and Stanley Batton. Their wives were also there at the time!” “I’m always impressed with other people’s proposals. I’m jealous.” “Ahh, Georgie is a true winner in life. Why is she still working as X Entertainment’s CEO when she could stay at home as a housewife.” “Am I the only one who noticed that the watch he’s wearing costs fifty million? It’s a globally limited-edition watch, too. Who exactly is this person?” “Look at her ring. It looks super expensive. That’s the real deal. I’m so envious I could cry.” “The proposal, the ring, and her boyfriend. I’m extremely jealous.” They were all envious. At the same time, marketing accounts were taking advantage of the proposal to gain popularity. Georgie Cle

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