Chapter 1979

“Could it be your gastritis acting up again?” Henry Armstrong asked. Right then, Xyla Quest and the others also entered the bathroom. As soon as she saw the state Georgie Clementine was in, the first thought that came to her mind was that she was pregnant. “Georgie, are you pregnant?” she asked with a joyful expression as she moved closer to her friend. Kneeling on one knee, Xyla reached for Georgie’s wrist to check on her pulse. Georgie was stunned when she heard the question, realizing that it was possible. She hadn’t had her period for at least a month and a half now since her last one. She hardly paid too much attention to it as she frequently missed her period due to work pressure, so it would likely be delayed or early. If Xyla hadn’t asked the question, Georgie would’ve forgotten about that. Henry had a sharp intake of breath. “Really? She is pregnant?” He sounded excited at the prospect, thinking there was a high chance since they had a very active sex life. “Stop talk

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