Chapter 196

Emily Quest glared coldly at Xyla Quest and Stanley Batton before tugging at Tom Sullivan’s arm. She wanted to join Jeremy Quest and May Conner in greeting the other guests with a toast. However, Tom did not intend to leave. Silently, he stood and looked in Xyla and Stanley’s direction with mixed feelings. The couple with near-perfect looks were holding hands. Tom was pained by the sight of them standing together and attracting everyone’s attention around them. After not seeing Xyla for a long time, Tom found that she had become a lot prettier. Although Xyla barely had any make-up on, she seemed a lot more strikingly beautiful than Emily. Whenever Tom thought about how the woman he cared about might have hurt him, his eyes would turn cold. Now, he clenched his fists tightly. If Xyla threw tantrums, Tom might have been able to bear with her. However, if she hurt him at a deeper level, he would not bear with it. If Xyla really was the one who did those things to him, he swore he would ne

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