Chapter 197

“Thank you, Aunty. Thank you, Sister,” Xyla Quest replied equally politely with a natural smile on her face. In social situations like this, it was necessary to appear cheerful even if Xyla was annoyed on the inside. “Sister and Brother-in-law, your seats are over there. Why don’t I lead you there?” Emily Quest asked as she pointed at a table in the center of the living room. Currently, there were two empty seats at the table. The guests seated at the table were mostly from May Conner’s side of the family. There were also relatives to Xyla’s mother. “That won’t be necessary,” Xyla answered calmly before pulling her hand away from May. After that, Xyla held Stanley’s hand as they both walked to the empty seats. After Xyla Quest and Stanley Batton sat down, relatives to Xyla’s mother began asking her and Stanley questions about their life together. Xyla and Stanley politely answered their questions throughout. Once Emily and Tom Sullivan had greeted their guests at each table, Tom quickl

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