Chapter 195

“Alright, I’ll be there. What time will it start on that day?” Xyla Quest agreed heartily. Xyla did not want to make things difficult for her father during such times. “Twelve o’clock, the day after tomorrow. You must remember to come with Stanley, got it?” Jeremy Quest sounded a lot happier. “Alright,” Xyla answered cheerfully. *** The welcoming party for Emily Quest and Tom Sullivan was unusually grand. Many of the Quest family’s friends and relatives showed up. By eleven o’clock, the parking spaces inside and outside the courtyard were already filled with cars. Meanwhile, people kept pouring into the courtyard. In total, the Quest family had prepared sixty tables for their guests. Dressed in a festive outfit, May Conner wrapped her hands around Jeremy’s arm affectionately. While the two of them walked from table to table, May kept a broad smile on her face. Prior to this, many people were waiting for her to make a fool of herself. How many of them were anticipating her divorce with

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