Chapter 1960

Yaksha lived far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. He was willing to spend his life on an island where no man frequented. It wasn’t something ordinary people could live with. “What would you like for dinner?” Stanley Batton asked. “I would love to have some of your homemade roasted pork ribs as well as sweet-and-sour fish fillet,” Xyla Quest answered with a hopeful tone. “Okay,” he said softly. Right then, Xyla’s phone began ringing, prompting her to open her eyes to glance at her phone. She hastily answered when she saw that the call was from Jeremy Quest. “Dad?” “Xyla, will you come home for dinner? Betty wants to cook your favorite dishes for you,” Jeremy said. “Yeah, okay. Sure,” she replied. “I saw the news, Xyla. You really are outstanding. My daughter is the best,” he declared, sounding excited as he spoke. Even over the phone, Xyla could sense how proud he was of her. She hung up after briefly chatting with her father, only to receive multiple phone calls

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